Grofian Transpersonal Psychology & Psychopathology

This module explains the contribution of Stanislav Grof, qualified as:

The most significant in the recent history of depth psychology, and indeed the most important advance in this complete field, since Freud and Jung

Richard Tarnas PhD.

Dr. Grof’s over 60 years of research have enabled a new way of understanding the unconscious and its dynamics, psychopathologies and the origins of psychogenic symptoms, allowing new understandings about healing processes and the concrete therapeutic application of expanded states of consciousness.

Dr. Stanislav Grof has been one of the earliest and most renowned pioneers of these realms. Through his decades of legal and scientific research on the therapeutic use of psychedelics and his innovative understanding of non-ordinary states, based on experiential forms of psychotherapy and his exhaustive studies of Art, Shamanism and Myths.

From Stan’s work has emerged a new expanded “cartography” of the human psyche, which adds to the personal unconscious the relevance of the experience of gestation and birth and also introduces us to the transpersonal unconscious. This groundbreaking clinical research has led to a new practical understanding of psychopathology and psychotherapy. Stan’s research led him to co-found the discipline of Transpersonal Psychology, which builds from individual psychology to include more advanced states of consciousness – as well as exciting new areas to the deep recesses of the psyche that makes exploration and self-exploration an “Adventure of Self-Discovery.”

By exploring these realms, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation of your ability to grow, a clearer view of your own life, and an expanded toolbox to cleanse old traumas from your mind and body.

This perspective frees you from limiting ideas about who you are and what you think you are capable of being and achieving.

Some topics to be addressed in Grofian Transpersonal Psychology & Psychopathology

The expanded Cartography of the Human Psyche

You will have a unique opportunity to explore this revolutionary paradigm and its implications – in your own therapeutic process and through your work with others. We will explore the traces left by life, birth and gestation and even the collective and transpersonal unconscious. As you open yourself to the deepest dimensions of your psyche, you’ll find a new world of understanding, from seeing how your body sustains energy linked to physical trauma, to appreciating how your birth experience gives you a “mold” for how you navigate your difficulties, to opening yourself up to a deep transpersonal guide for your daily life.

Systems of Condensed Experience (COEX)

You will understand how these constellations of multidimensional memories from different moments of life and beyond function. You will learn how they stain and modify our everyday perceptions and experiences and how they are at the base of many emotional and psychosomatic symptoms.


You will get a novel and useful understanding of emotional and psychosomatic problems and the most effective forms of therapy, which will allow you to develop a deep confidence in the self-healing intelligence of your organism, catalyzed through holotropic states.

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