GPT- The Adventure of the Holotropic Psychedelic Therapist

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Grofian Holotropic therapy has substantial advantages, both practical and economical. It allows for direct access to the roots of emotional and psychosomatic problems in ways that are impossible in verbal therapy.

By deepening and accelerating the access to unconscious and superconscious material, it becomes possible to process and elaborate physical and emotional traumas that underlie different emotional problems and psychosomatic symptoms. It also allows enough depth to access the transforming power of true spiritual experiences firsthand.

We will focus on all relevant aspects of the preparation and the integration of the psychedelic and holotropic experience.

You will understand as a Holotropic Therapist, the art and science of bringing all the necessary elements of the process together in order to give the best possible preparation, context and integration of the Psychedelic and Holotropic experience.

Some topics to be addressed in Grofian Transpersonal Psychology & Psychopathology


Set & Setting

These two elements are most important for the outcome of Holotropic therapy sessions, and when not covered are directly related to most problems that may be faced during the session. Learn in detail how to create the ideal inner and outer context for Grof® Psychedelic Therapy in such a way that your practice may expand over the years in an effective and safe way, offering a loving, informed and secure container for what is probably the most powerful therapy in the world.

Medical Forms

Learn how crucial is the implementation of the medical forms and the utter importance of screening all contraindications in a skillful and informed manner. This will avoid many potential physical and emotional problems, keeping you and your client out of trouble and making your work safe, useful and rewarding.

Ethics and Caring

We will review in detail all the ethical considerations that are a distinguishable unmistakable seal of the Grofian approach to working with clients in holotropic states. We will review and sign the ethical compromises we assume and cherish as students and certified holotropic therapist and why this is so important to protect the client, the method and the therapist.

Informative talk

You will learn all that should be covered and why the previous informative talk is so relevant to inform and prepare the client sufficiently well for the powerful and extraordinary experience they will live. A well prepared session will have direct positive implications for the outcome of the experiential session, at the same time lack of adequate preparation can be a great hindrance and even dangerous for clients and therapists.

Main constitutive elements of Holotropic therapy

Learn how to work with mandala drawings for integration and several other practical tools that have proven over time to be most useful for integration and grounding. You will learn how to lead individual and groupal integration sessions for holotropic therapy and for individual psychedelics in a loving, respectful and skilful manner.

Preparation sessions

With the help of guides and protocols you will learn and practice how to conduct the first clinical interview, preparatory sessions and all the agreements and information you and your client will need to have clear before going into Grof® Psychedelic Therapy.

Crucial practical aspects

Learn what is required to accompany a Psychedelic Therapy session maximizing its extraordinary healing potential and minimizing the potential risks. This will allow you to understand the psychological logic of different important interventions that should be applied when facing crucial impasses during and after the session.

Period in between sessions, integration and deepening therapy

Several approaches and techniques will be overviewed and suggested for the sessions in between Grof® Psychedelic Therapy and Grof® Breathwork sessions. They can also be applied in conventional therapeutic practice. The possibility of being trained in these different approaches can be experienced in our extended deepening module on Transpersonal Psychotherapy.